Like Hoi An, Bazar is a mix of cultures:

Linh, native of Quang Nam Province, owner of Au Lac Wood Carving, one of the best wood handicrafts company in Vietnam, working on precious wood and unique piece.

Thanh, a French Vietkieu (Vietnamese overseas), born in Saigon and left in France when she was 2 years old, working in events in Paris and several countries;

Federico, an Italian archeologist, specialist of South East Asia, studied in China and excavate in My Son, Centre of Vietnam and Champassak in Laos.

Three friends loving Vietnam and want to show to visitors the authenticity, the story of this beautiful country through the house of 36 Tran Phu.

This family house of 500m2 have more than 200 years and was completly destroy by the time and the mount. It was divided by the brothers and sisters before to be sell by the parents.

In the garden, Bazar still keep the altar of the family ancestors. It takes more than 3 months to restore the traditionnal wooden house and create the interior garden, taking the ancient bricks of the house to make the floor and keeping the ancient wall.

All the furnishings and the decor have been carefully chosen from theirs activities and are for sale.

Each piece is unique and made especially for Bazar. Antique furniture, precious woodcarving, ceramics and creations mix antique and modern.