Asian and Mediterranean cuisine

Flavours of Asian and Mediterranean spices grilled in the Barbecue Garden.


Specialities of Hoi An like White Roses, Cau Lau or Wonton, but also family recipe like Bazar Springrolls, an other version of springrolls that you can only sample in Bazar restaurant.

                  bazar-caulau-hoian-specialitie bazar-springrolls                                           

The specialitie of Bazar is Barbecue dishes :

BBQ Chicken, a leg of chicken marinated in vietnamese spices served with fried sticky rice and its delicious bbq sauce;

BBQ Pork, two chops of pork marinated in vietnamese spices also served with broken rice and fresh onions;

Taste the Red Tuna in banana leaf, famous to be the best in all Vietnam, with its delicate ginger sauce;

                  bazar-bbq-chicken bazar-red-tuna           

Bazar restaurant offers also different type of Skewers :

To keep the flavour of Vietnam, choose the Curry chicken, Five Spices Beef, La Lot Beef or Lemongrass Pork. If you miss western food, don't hesitate to taste the Med. mix, skewers of pork, chicken and beef with mediterranean herbs served with a ''provençal'' rice.

                   bazar-lalot-beef-skewers bazar-med-mix-skewers     

Fresh salad, sandwichs and cheeseburger are also provided, with home-made hamburger, home-made french fries or sauted potatoes with rosmarino leaves.

      bazar-papaya-salad bazar-paris-salad bazar-sandwichs

The Cuisine of Bazar, like the owners,  represents a trip trought Vietnam, Hoi An, France and Italy for your pleasure.